We are a UK based charity committed to alleviate poverty across the world. We aim to provide sustainable environment for economic and social growth through education and support

We help countries that is affected by natural disasters, overpopulation and poverty.

Growing from strength to strength, DH Foundation is proudly led and driven by a team of dynamic visionaries. We are a highly effective UK based charity funding life-changing projects and initiatives in the most poverty-stricken communities across the world

We are non-profitable, non-political, charitable and voluntary organisation boasting a 100% donation policy

We involve our community in decision making and encourage the youth to get involved and lead new initiatives both in the UK and Bangladesh.

Each year our community comes together to celebrate our culture and honour our elderly for their achievements. A fun-filled day with activities for young children, guest speakers, music, religious recitations, raffles and henna painting. It’s the day of the year as a community where we reflect, discuss future projects, plans and of course mingle to have fun.

Our ground-based team of volunteers are dedicated to developing respectful relationships and understanding the needs of the communities.

Our mission is to raise vital funds to support our on-going and future projects. We engage with our communities to educate and raise awareness of sanitation and sustained hygiene to reduce the risk of ill health.

We continue the fight against poverty by providing families with clean water, sanitation, food packages, shelter, clothing, medical support and security. We equip families with the tools to sustain themselves.

We will not stop until we have alleviated poverty in Bangladesh.

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