Water For Life​

Clean water is the lifeline for any community. Yet all over the world, people go without this basic need. Drinking dirty water exposes people to traces of faeces and harmful bacteria.

Bangladesh is among the worse affected countries in the world. There are still whole communities without access to clean water.

In 2015 world leaders committed to achieving The Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Goal 6 focuses on water and sanitation. Bangladesh is among the worst affected countries and is not years but centuries behind reaching this target.

So what are we doing?

Our ground-based team have been visiting and identifying communities that need access to clean water. Work has begun installing deepwater wells in regions worst affected. Our goal is to provide deepwater wells in all affected areas in Bangladesh. Without it, a community cannot thrive.

So what can you do?

One deep water well costing £1200 can provide a community of 200 people with clean safe water. 

Work has already begun. Your donations will help us to continue our work to reach the worst effected regions, educating and raising awareness of hygiene and sustainable sanitation. You’ll be helping communities a chance to thrive.

We believe the greatest charity you can give is water.

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