Winter Project

You will already know, Bangladesh is affected by adverse weather conditions and with climate change, this threatens lives.

In the winter of 2019 the countries lowest temperature was just 4.5 degrees Celsius. Dozens died as the cold swept through Bangladesh.

These are temperatures that we are used to in the UK.

So what do we do?

Each year we distribute sleeping mats and blankets to the most vulnerable, the elderly and poorest regions of Bangladesh.

In 2019 we distributed 1500 blankets

As winter grows colder the need for warm blankets and sleeping mats increases. There are many, communities we have yet to reach and receive our support. Nobody should have to die from not keeping warm.

So what can you do?

With your support we distribute more reach communities in the farther regions.

Get involved and donate from as little as £10 and this will provide five blankets.

Spread the warmth

be part of the team

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