Change For Life

Our Rice programme currently distributes weekly rice packages to 250 families. Families selected from the poorest regions whom meet the following criteria:

  • Families of just females
  • Widowers
  • Elderly disabilities
  • Terminally ill

So what do we do?

Distributing rice is not enough. We need to equip these families with the tools, knowledge and support to help themselves to generate a living and sustain their families.

Since 2013 we have:

  • Schooling for young children
  • Providing rickshaws so they can earn an income
  • Sponsoring families with an interest-free grant
  • Sewing machines
  • Rearing goats and cattle

In 2019 we distributed 100 wheelchairs to disabled persons.

So what can you do?

You can change lives forever by getting involved by donating whatever you can. Involve your friends and family. With as little as £1, you can give people the chance to stand on their own two feet, eventually bringing their families out of poverty.

Be their foundation

be part of the team

Please give us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.. Thank You