Zakat Programme

Zakat is an Islamic obligation for all Muslims and is the third pillar of Islam. Zakat is calculated at 2.5% of your combined wealth and is given to charity annually.

Zakat contributions will go to the most poverty-stricken regions in Bangladesh.

So what are we doing?

In May 2020 we began distributing Zakat contributions by way of food packages.
So far we have distributed Zakat to communities in:

  • Buri
  • Sor Honai
  • Bash kali

So what can you do?

You can donate your:

Zakat ul Mal 2.5% of your cumulative wealth

Sadaqah Jariyah any amount

Sadaqah any amount

Zakat ul Fitr £5 per person in the household

Kaffarah £240 and will provide two meals a day for 60 days for breaking your fast in Ramadhan with no good reason

Fidyah £5 per person per day or £150 for the whole month

Do your duty

be part of the team

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