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Bangladesh is affected by natural disasters, cyclones and severe flooding. The annual monsoon rains can often devastate homes, crops and lively hoods. Our communities continue to remain vulnerable and at the mercy of the elements. Most of their homes are makeshift shelters, constructed from cane and thatched.

Building shelters for the poor in Bangladesh is a critical initiative to address the issue of homelessness and provide a safe and secure living environment for those who are struggling to afford housing. Several charitable organizations and NGOs are working towards building shelters for the poor in Bangladesh, especially those affected by natural disasters, extreme poverty, and displacement due to political conflicts.

These organizations typically work in collaboration with local communities and government agencies to identify the most vulnerable and needy individuals and families who require shelter assistance. They then work to construct and provide safe and secure shelters, including transitional and permanent housing options.

If you are interested in supporting this cause, you can donate to charitable organizations and NGOs that are actively working towards building shelters for the poor in Bangladesh. You can also volunteer your time and skills to support these organizations’ efforts. Additionally, spreading awareness about this issue and encouraging others to support this cause can also help make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling with housing insecurity in Bangladesh.

Overall, building shelters for the poor in Bangladesh is a critical initiative that can help improve the quality of life for many individuals and families who are struggling to afford housing. Your support can make a significant impact in addressing this issue and providing hope and stability for those in need.

So what can you do?

Our vision is to get to as many hard to reach regions as possible, to provide more durable and secure shelters, replacing and repairing as many homes as we can. With your support, we know we can achieve this.

You can help us by funding this on-going project. You’ll be giving these families a secure home, safe from the adverse weather. You’ll be providing women and young girls a place to bathe, safe from exposure and with adequate sanitation.

You’ll be kept up to date with progress and sent pictures of those you’ve helped.

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