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Bangladesh is affected by natural disasters, cyclones and severe flooding. The annual monsoon rains can often devastate homes, crops and lively hoods. Our communities continue to remain vulnerable and at the mercy of the elements. Most of their homes are makeshift shelters, constructed from cane and thatched.

In 2004 heavy monsoon rains and severe flooding left behind by the cyclone that hit Myanmar swept away whole villages leaving behind a trail of corpses and stranded people. Young women and girls having to bathe exposed. Poor sanitation and parasite infested water.

So what are we doing?

In 2004 we began replacing thatched roofing with corrugated steel sheets, durable cost-effective and able to withstand the elements.

In 2005 with a budget of £1200, we were able to rebuild a house from start to finish.

In 2006 a village was destroyed by fire leaving several people homeless. Our ground-based team assisted in its rebuilding.

So what can you do?

Our vision is to get to as many hard to reach regions as possible, to provide more durable and secure shelters, replacing and repairing as many homes as we can. With your support, we know we can achieve this.

You can help us by funding this on-going project. You’ll be giving these families a secure home, safe from the adverse weather. You’ll be providing women and young girls a place to bathe, safe from exposure and with adequate sanitation.

You’ll be kept up to date with progress and sent pictures of those you’ve helped.

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Housing & Shelter

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