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Bangladesh consists of over 14.8 million orphaned children. Many of these orphans do not have access to the basic necessities of life such as food, water and shelter.

Sadly, as you are reading this another child will have died of malnutrition, drinking dirty water, infection or exploitation. – reference UNICEF and The World Health Organisation

We believe EVERY child should be protected, educated, cared for, fed, sheltered and most of all, allowed to be a child.

So what are we doing?

In 2015, we opened our first Madrassa for orphaned children from as young as 4 years old in Bakhtia Para, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Then in 2017 we opened our second Madrassa in Kuttu Fallon Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh, to shelter children orphaned by the Myanmar crisis in 2017/2018.

Since 2015, 56 children have left us as a Hafiz.

So what can you do?

Help us by sponsoring an orphaned child £720 over 3 years. They’ll learn the teachings of Islam, learn to recite the Holy Quran by heart as well as English, Math’s and Bengali. So, for just £20 per month for 3 years you can gift a child a chance at life.

We will never give up on these children. Help us save these children. You’ll be protecting them from harm and exploitation. Giving them shelter, food, water, education clothing and the gift of Islam. With this they’ll be going on to teaching Islam, leading prayers becoming Imam’s and community leaders and the ability to sustain themselves.

Show them they matter

Hifz Programme

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