Medical Assistance​

Bangladesh’s health care system caters for those who can afford it. With an estimated population of 166,208,712 an average salary of less than £2 per day it is near impossible for our communities to seek medical assistance or purchase medication.

The most common illnesses/diseases are Diabetes, Hepatitis, Cancer, Lower Respiratory Infections, Heart Disease, Stroke, Preterm Birth Complications, Tuberculosis and Cirrhosis.
World Health Organisation, Centres for Disease Control Prevention

We are inundated with people seeking financial support each month. Although we would like to help everybody it is not always possible.

The Medical Assistance appeal was set up to help those needing medical support and emergency treatment.

So what are we doing?

With our six-monthly blood testing programme, we hope early intervention can identify and treat life-threatening illnesses and disease.

We have been educating and creating awareness of good hygiene and with water wells and sanitation we can help reduce some of the causes of ill health.

Our vision is to open a completely free clinic/medical facility where people do not have to travel to far to get to.

We have already identified the role this clinic will have and what its focus will be.

So what can you do?

By donating just £2 per month you can help these communities with life-saving treatment. You will be helping to increase awareness of good hygiene practices, sanitation and help to stop the viral spread of potentially life-threatening disease.

We believe that everybody should have access to medical assistance and our awareness programme will help our fight for a better quality of life.

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