Rice Programme

Bangladesh is a country affected by natural disasters, over population and amongst the worse poverty stricken countries in the world.

“In 2016 the average salary in Bangladesh for employed people was £54, that’s less than £2 per day.” – Forbes

To put this into perspective a kilo of onions cost £1, sugar at 70p and potatoes at a £1. So you can see from these examples of daily necessities, how hard their daily struggle is to feed themselves really is.

In February 2020 the world was hit with the Covid-19 Corona virus which crippled the world’s economies. This epidemic devastated our lives and suddenly we were forced to appreciate everything that we had once taken for granted. For the families and communities we help, this is a reality.

So what are we doing?

Our rice programme currently provides weekly rice packages for 250 families from the poorest communities in Bangladesh. Each family is given an ID and added to a register where their situation can be monitored and managed accordingly.

Our ground-based team distribute rice packages every week.

Since 1997 we have distributed 2000 tonnes of rice.

So what can you do?

By donating £5 per month, you can feed a family for a month, yes for a whole month. With your support we can include another family. You’ll be giving them some hope that yes, somebody is caring for them.

There are so many communities we have yet to reach and we know with your support that one day we’ll reach them all.

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